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Patient Perspectives of the COPD-GRIP Intervention, a New Nursing Care Intervention in COPD
Jumat, 30 Nov 2018 15:17:06


Introduction: Improving Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) is one of the main goals in the COPD. The nurse-led COPD-Guidance, Research on an Illness Perception (COPD-GRIP) intervention is developed to incorporate illness perceptions into the care for COPD patients to improve their HRQoL. This individualized intervention, which identifies illness perceptions with theBrief Illness Perception Questionnaire, consists of three consultations with a practice nurse (PN).

Aim: The aim is to identify and to clarify the experiences of the patients with the COPD-GRIP intervention.

Method: A qualitative study, nested in a cluster randomized trial in primary care, was carried out. The interviews, which were audio-taped, were performed with COPD patients who were guided with the COPD-GRIP intervention. During data collection the constant comparative approach was used. To identify themes, the transcribed interviews were independently coded by two researchers.

Results: 16 patients were interviewed. The patients experienced an additional value of the intervention in areas such as disease knowledge, awareness and cooperation with the PN. According to the patients, PN's need expertise in COPD, give encouragement, be trustworthy and should give personal attention. In addition, a patient should be open and honest as well. The experiences with the care plan, the questionnaire, the duration and the frequency of the consultations were positive. Nevertheless, some patients gave an advise to improve those elements.

Conclusion: The results indicate that the COPD-GRIP intervention is an useful and promising tool. Although some aspect will need improvements, the patients were satisfied and do recommend the intervention.