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Risk Factors for Mortality in Severe Pneumonia Patients Followed in ICU
Rabu, 19 Des 2018 15:07:33


Introduction: In this study we wanted to evaluate the clinical characteristics and mortality risk factors in patients with severe pneumonia admitted to a tertiary reference hospital.

Methods: Patients with the diagnosis of acute respiratory failure due to pneumonia were included into the study between June 2013 and January 2014. Patients demographic charactheristics, clinical and laboratory data were recorded prospectively and mortality related factors were analysed.

Results: A total of 51 severe pneumonia patients were included (median age 74, 24 males). Of them, 21 were community acquired pneumonia, 18 were healthcare associated pneumonia and 12 were nosocomial pneumonia. There was no difference between the pneumonia groups for clinical and laboratory characteristics. The mortality rate was 51.8% with a median APACHE 2 score of 24.5. It was found that the presence of severe sepsis, development of acute renal failure and ICU-acquired infection were related with higher mortality in bivariate analysis (p values are 0.01; <0.01 ve <0.01 respectively). There was no difference in mortality among pneumonia groups.

Conclusion: Mortality related to severe pneumonia is relatively high in ICU; it's even increasing in the presence of severe sepsis, development of acute renal failure in ICU and ICU-acquired infection during follow-up.