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Respiratory Occupational Therapy (OT) within a Community Respiratory Team: Referral and Intervention
Sabtu, 22 Des 2018 11:01:45



OT aims to maximise independence, occupational performance and improve quality of life. Respiratory OT provides a specialist functional and psychological dimension to assess and manage respiratory patients.

The psychological dimension is predominantly based on cognitive behavioural therapy principles in anxiety, depression and hyperventilation management.


To determine the relationship between the intervention requested (whether for psychological functioning (Psy F) and/or physical functioning (Phy F)) and the intervention provided by respiratory OT.


All referrals to West Surrey respiratory OT between January and December 2011, and the reason for referral and intervention provided were recorded.


239 OT referrals were recorded in 2011. 33 of these were excluded from the analysis, as OT was not required or the patient had died.

Intervention Requestion

Phy F Psy F Phy & Psy F
n= 66 28% n= 141 59% n= 32 13%

Intervention Provided

Phy F Psy F Phy & Psy F
n= 45 22% n= 85 41% n= 76 37%

Of the 206 patients who received OT, 47 required physical and psychological intervention, however the intervention requested for 32 of these had been for psychological and 15 for physical only.


We observe from the data that most referrals are for Psy F. However a noticeable proportion of these also required intervention to address Phy F (need identified at OT assessment).

Having received joint physical and mental health training, OT is well placed to identify and address the link between psychological and physical symptoms, which limit daily functioning, in this complex patient group. This supports the need for the specialist respiratory OT role.