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Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Lung cancer: A Complex Interaction
Senin, 07 Jan 2019 04:28:25

Introduction: Lung cancer could be a risk factor for reactivation of a Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.
We herein report 10 cases of patients with lung cancer who were diagnosed with thoracic tuberculosis.
Aim: To study the combination, clinical diagnosis and treatment in case of coexistence of lung cancer and tuberculosis.
Results: A total of 10 patients diagnosed with lung cancer and tuberculosis. Main patients were men (09). Most of our patients were diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in 80% (stage IIIB-stage IV).Carcinoma occurred in the upper lung zone in 60%. Adenocarcinoma was the most common histological type (80%).The diagnosis of active tuberculosis was made by histopathologic study of the lymph nodes in 8 patients and was made by direct examination of sputum in two patients. The Tuberculosis treatment was initiated in all patients. The chemotherapy was prescribed for 8 patients and was initiated with an average delay of 45 days after the start of anti- tuberculosisdrugs.
Conclusion: In the management of lung cancer, we should consider the possibility of coexistence active pulmonary tuberculosis especially in endemic tuberculosis countries. This association should not make delays in the diagnosis and the treatment.