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Evaluating a Developmental Care for the Family Rearing Children with Chronic Asthma on the Asthma-Re
Rabu, 23 Jan 2019 09:39:59


Background: Parents of asthmatic children always over-protect, therefore affect children's independent self-management.

Purposes: We designed a developmental care based on the empowerment theory. The outcome measurements included the transition of responsibility with asthma management, asthma-related quality of life (ARQOL), asthma control test (ACT) and lung function (FEV1) among children with asthma.

Methods: This is a randomized controlled trial (RCT). The parents and children were randomly assigned to the experimental group receive developmental care, compared to that in the control group receive routine asthma care. There are three times for measurement. First time is before participate the intervention, 2nd time is one month later and 3rd is three month later. Finally, 30 families were completed in each group.

Results: The parents in the experimental group had better transition of self-management responsibility with asthma management to children compared to that in the control group in 1st and 3rd month follow-ups (p < 0.001). The self-efficacy of asthma management was significantly increased of children with asthma in the experimental group. However the final outcomes ARQOL, ACT and FEV1 were not significantly improvement.

Conclusions: The study results shows developmental care is effective for parents of children with asthma transit the responsibility of asthma management to children with asthma, enhance self-efficacy of children, but not the quality of life, asthma control test and lung function (FEV1). The long-term empowering for children with asthma to self-manage was necessary.