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Correlation Between Asthma Control and Serum Levels of IL-33 in Atopic Asthma
Kamis, 14 Feb 2019 10:34:03


Background: Atopic Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways that based on an allergic reaction involving many cells and IL-33. Activation of Th2 cells by IL-33 as a result inhalation of allergens will affect dendritic cells in the airways to activate Th0 cells which in turn would activate Th2 cells to release other cytokines. These cytokines further increase the IgE and stimulates the release of mediators such as histamine, leukotrienes, prostaglandins and quinine, which causes the onset of clinical symptoms of asthma. The degree of asthma control directly reflects the effectiveness of treatment Interventions.

Objective: To assess the correlation between the degree of disease control and serum levels of IL-33 in atopic asthma.

Methods: A cross sectional study of 40 patients with atopic asthma at Hasanuddin University Hospital Makassar, aged 18-55 year old; and 20 controls. Patients with atopic asthma was underwent bronchodilator and skin prick test, also assessed for ACT. All subjects were checked for serum level of IL-33.

Results The mean ages was 31.79.0 years. The mean serum levels of IL-33 was 1735,1 and the mean ACT score was 20.6. The mean serum levels of IL-33 in atopic asthma (1864.6) was significantly higher than controls (1476.2; p<0.01). Yet, it was not different among, uncontrolled asthma (1809), partially controlled (1954) and controlled asthma (1673.3).

Conclusion: There is correlation between atopic asthma and serum levels of IL-33, while degree of asthma control is not correlated with atopic asthma.