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Side Effects of Chemical Preparations In Patients with Drug-Resistant Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Kamis, 21 Feb 2019 11:53:27


Objective: to analyze the frequency and character of side effects of chemical preparations in patients with drug-resistant forms of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Materials and methods: 188 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis which were divided into two groups were examined: 120 patients with drug-resistant forms (DR) and 68 patients with drug sensitive forms (DS) of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Results: Study outcomes showed that chemotherapy side effects occurred in 71(59.14.5%) patients with DR. Drug sensitive pulmonary tuberculosis group patients, which were assigned to treatment regimens according to 1st and 2nd categories of DOTS program, side effects occurred 2,4 times rarely in 16 (23,55,1%) patients, P<0,001. It was found out that a higher rate of side effects in DR patients occurs in Km(Cm)+Ofx+Ptf+Z+Cs(PAS)+E and Km(Cm)+Ofx+Ptf+Z+Cs(PAS) treatment regimens. It was found out that in the DR patients group among side effects often occurred cases with gastrointestinal tract affection syndrome (64,44,3%). At the same time in patients with DS tuberculosis more often occurred skin-allergic syndrome (37,55,8%) and liver affection syndrome (31,35,6%).

Conclusion: There is a difference in the frequency and the character of side effects in patients with DR and DS pulmonary tuberculosis, which has to be taken into account in choosing the efficient pathogenetic therapy.