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The Real-Interventional-Bleeding Simulator: A New Training and Education Model for Interventional Br
Sabtu, 23 Feb 2019 12:11:36


Introduction: Biosimulation models might play a crucial role to train interventional procedures especially acute endbronchial bleedings.The simulation of an repeated emergency situation enables the bronchoscopist and his team to act professionally.

Background: Until now the available models couldn't reproduce this key aspect in interventional bronchoscopy in a satisfactory way.

Methods:We developed a new biosimulation model with 2 transparent covers and a free moving diaphragm.The control unit with an vacuum pump allows full expansion of the pig training lung.A flexible bedded connector adds the trachea of the head to the pig lung.This allows a training in rigid bronchoscopy on an expanded pig lung.We inserted flexible tubes into the bronchial tree to simulate different bleeding situations with artificial blood. The realistic effect was increased by sutured “endobronchial tumors”.

Results: At an interventional training course in November 2010 organized by the Austrian Society of Pneumology the system allowed the participants to train various kinds of interventions.The feedback given by all the 16 trainees showed a convincing and realistic effect to train interventional procedures.Furthermore the possibility of managing the bleeding situations could be trained.

Conclusions:This model might be helpful to develop algorithms for all interventional procedures especially connected to the handling of bleedings.