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Problems hypodiagnostics of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Using the original questionnaire
Rabu, 10 Apr 2019 17:31:19

Nataliya Cherepiip

European Respiratory Journal 2016 48: PA3679; DOI: 10.1183/13993003.congress-2016.PA3679


Patients with COPD seek medical treatment at the appearance of dyspnea, that is already at the late stages of disease when possibilities of medical treatment are very limited.

Objective: To establish the prevalence of COPD among workers of nuclear plant using the original questionnaire based on anamnesis and assessment of risk factors.

Methods and materials: 525 people were examined, among them there were 291 men (55.4%), 234 women (44.6%), which had no COPD in their anamnesis. The examination was conducted by the survey using the original questionnaire. Responses to the questionnaire were evaluated in points, positive for COPD was 18 points or more. Spirography was conducted for 69 respondents that scored more than 18 points, among them there were 40 men (58.0%) and 29 women (42.0%).

Results: it was established that 216 people (41.0%) had symptoms typical for COPD. Among them there were 101 men (46.8%), 115 women (53.2%). Cough was noted by most respondents, 203 (93.9%) persons, 112 (55.2%) women and 91 (44.8%) men, dyspnea was noted by 195 (90.3%) persons, 109 (55.9%) women and 86 (44.1%) men, episodes of hissing resporation wereobserved in 148 (68.5%) persons, 83 (56.1%) women and 65 (43.9%) men. 146 (67.6%) respondents indicated that their families have relatives (at least 1) with COPD. COPD according to spirometry results was found in 46 persons (66.7%) - 25 men (54.3%) and 21 women (45.6%).

Conclusions: The use of original questionnaire allows identifying a group of patients with risk factors of COPD and may be used as a screening method to create a group of patients who should primarily undergo spirometry to define the diagnosis.