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Nurses knowledge and abilities gaps concerning health care of COPD patients: Window for improvement
Selasa, 06 Ags 2019 08:00:00

Ilda De GodoyDuelene Ludmila NogueiraIrma Godoy

European Respiratory Journal 2016 48: PA1613; DOI: 10.1183/13993003.congress-2016.PA1613


Introduction: COPD is a chronic and progressive disease often complicated by episodes of exacerbation,bringing physical,emotional and functional damage. Nurse have an important role in assessing the patient and promoting self-care by providing the condition to develop the process of home care. Evaluate the knowledge about COPD management for nurses is essential to improve health care delivery.

Objective: Evaluate the knowledge of nurses from the health care network of Botucatu,SP,Brazil, about COPD.

Methods: this is a quantitative study with cross-sectional,descriptive and analytical design. 243 nurses from primary care and hospital care were invited to participate of study.Data were collected between May to July 2015.

Results: 81.6% of the nurses defined COPD incorrectly,76.1% considered spirometry not necessary for diagnosis,79% did not answer correctly the questions related to bronchodilators and technique of use of inhaled medications was known by only15.4%.Vaccines recommended for COPD was unknown for47%.We conclude that nurses have gaps in their knowledge about: COPD definition,risk factors for disease, diagnostic tools, management of stable or exacerbated disease, guidance and supervision of the treatment,mainly of inhaled drugs,vaccines and long-term oxygen therapy.The abilities to define the line of care and to perform continuing education of nurses and health education activities for patients with COPD and their families are also insufficient.

Conclusions: Nurses are not ready to deal with COPD patients;however,they recognize that their knowledge about the disease is incomplete and express the desire to be trained and oriented to delivery effective prevention and management.