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Historical Approach in Asthma Patient and Public Education
Senin, 13 Ags 2018 11:37:26


The aim: to study the international demand of asthma history education.

Methods: The Internet site Asthma Museum was created a year ago by association Respirlibre (it unites French, Russian and Ukrainian members) in French and in Russian languages. Asthma Museum is a new tool of international patient and public education with idea to introduce the historical development of asthma science in understanding and disease treatment, in order to help the patients to accept the diagnosis and apprehend modern therapy, to make easier the implementation of the medical advices. Results. During a year The Asthma Museum has been visited by people from 33 countries. 97% of visitors found this site using the search engines (google, ask and others). The 78% of them sought for the information on the history of asthma, it's origins, it's roots. The 41% of visitors looked for the answers about inhaler devices: what are their particularities, side effects, how they are validated, how to determine the empty inhaler and their use in different countries etc. 21% of visitors wanted to know how the environment influenced the asthma patients : asthma and perfume, asthma and detergents, asthma and thunder etc. 8% had the questions about allergic rhinitis. 5% of guests (often the Russian speaking auditorium) are interested in asthma association movement.

Conclusion: Historical approach in asthma education attracts attention of Internet users. It gives the information about the prevention and the treatment of asthma in a lively shape. The history of asthma is a bridge that conducts the patients to the questions of asthma management. It could be also means of transforming of public image of asthma.