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Role of Flexible Bronchoscopy in Children with Recurrent Pneumonia
Jumat, 31 Ags 2018 18:00:20


Introduction:Estimated incidence of recurrent pneumonia is 7-9% of all children with pneumonia. Flexible bronchoscopy is one of the recommended evaluation in children with recurrent pneumonia.

Objective:The main aim of this study is to determine the diagnostic yield and association of positive flexible bronchoscopy findings in children with recurrent pneumonia.

Methods:This is descriptive retrospective observational study. The records of all patient underwent flexible bronchoscopy from Jan 2014 to December 2015 were reviewed and analysed.

Results:Total of 131 flexible bronchoscopy procedures were done during these 2 years period involving children age from birth to 17 year old. 58% of them were boys. Out of 131 procedures done, 48% were done in patient with history of recurrent pneumonia. 77% of it showed abnormal airway findings (p-value 0.052) included stenosis, malacic, external compression, hypoplastic or agenesis of the airway bronchus and intraluminal mass with 82% involving multiple abnormality instead of single types of airway abnormality. The flexible bronchoscopy findings in children with recurrent pneumonia significantly change the diagnosis and management with p-value of 0.004.

Conclusion:Positive flexible bronchoscopy findings is associated with recurrent pneumonia in children and alter the final diagnosis and treatment.