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Immunostimulating Therapy in Treatment of Community-Acquired Pneumonia
Sabtu, 06 Okt 2018 17:41:04


Constantly developing antibiotic resistance of microorganisms and immunological aspects of pathogenesis of pneumonia requires the need for rational antibiotic therapy, taking into account features of the immunological response of the organism. To study the role of immunostimulatory therapy with polyoxidonium in combination therapy based on immunological monitoring of patients with community-acquired pneumonia.

The study involved 47 patients who received hospital treatment according to clinical and radiological data diagnosed with community-acquired pneumonia of varying severity. To evaluate the severity in patients with community-acquired pneumonia was used scale Pneumonia PORT. Determination of lymphocyte immunophenotype, and the level of humoral immunity parameters Ig classes A, M, G.

It was found that in the studied group of patients with community-acquired pneumonia occur expressed disturbances of the immune status, manifested deficiency of cellular CD3+, CD4+, CD16+, B-lymphopenia and disimmunoglobulinemiya against the background of systemic inflammatory response. After applying polyoxidonium in patients with community-acquired pneumonia marked improvement in immune status. So, a significant increase in CD3+, CD4+, CD16+ cells compared to original data, normalization level CD19+ and elevated serum levels of IgA, IgG and IgM.

Thus, the inclusion in the complex therapy of patients with community-acquired pneumonia polyoxidonium accompanied by rapid relief of inflammation and intoxication syndromes, reduced signs of damage lung tissue, normalizing the immune status.