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The Use of One-Lung High Frequency Jet Ventilation in Minimally Invasive Operative Lung Intervention
Selasa, 23 Okt 2018 17:13:35


Background: The percentage of minimally invasive operative interventions in total amount of surgeries for limited forms of lung tuberculosis is growing. Besides standard objectives (maintaining of adequate gaseous exchange and circulatory dynamics, healthy lung isolation in order to protect it from contamination, limitation of respiratory movements) the minimal invasive operative interventions require elimination of respiratory movements transition through interpleural space to the operated lung and providing the most comfortable conditions for the surgeon operating in the pleural space limited by ribs. In cases of thoracotomy all these objectives can be fulfilled by one-lung high frequency jet ventilation (OHFJV).

Aims: To study OHFJV impact on gaseous exchange and circulatory dynamics of minimally invasive lung surgery patients in comparison with one-lung convectional mechanical ventilation (OCMV).

Methods: Two groups (comparable by volume of surgery, pathology and age) were studied comparatively for gaseous exchange and circulatory dynamics maintained under use of OCMV and OHFJV.

Results: Use of OHFJV there was an increase in CI and SI by 36% and 14% correspondingly in conditions of afterload reduction PVR by 36%, and also PaO2 increase by 42% under normal pH and PaCO2 indications in both groups.

Conclusions: Use of OHFJV in minimally invasive operative lung interventions, unlike OCMV, optimizes regulation of central circulatory dynamics indications under afterload reduction and oxygenation improvement at adequate gaseous exchange. The results received allow using OHFJV in minimally invasive operative lung interventions.