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Characterization of Cultured Primary / Metastatic Lung Cancer Cells Obtained by Percutaneous Punctur
Sabtu, 03 Nov 2018 11:28:09


The culture of cancer cells is crucial for translational and biomedical research. Nevertheless, in the world, techniques for culturing lung tumor cells have been implemented from samples from invasive procedures.

The objective was establish and characterize the culture of primary or metastastic lung cancer cells obtained by percutaneous puncture.

Tumor specimens from 6 patients suspected of primary or metastatic lung cancer were obtained by percutaneous puncture guided by chest tomography. Solid tumors were disaggregated mechanically, by stereoscopic visión. Cells were cultured in Base C growth media supplemented with 5% fetal bovine serum in 24-wells cell culture plate. Once a confluent monolayer was obtained, the cells were enzymatically cleaved and passaged to Petri culture plates. These primary cultures were used for their characterization by cytogenetics test and analysis of gene expression of markers diagnostic.

Results: Six samples were included in the study, successfully establishing six lung cancer cell cultures that correspond in three cases to NSCLC and the three remaining cell cultures correspond to metastatic lung tumors.

Conclusions: Primary culture of human lung tumor cells obtained by percutaneous puncture can be successfully achieved with the method described. These primary cultures of cancer cells showed rearrangements of chromosomes and change in their complement chromosomic typical of tumoral cells. Aditionally, Fluorescence in situ Hybridization analysis showed that three cultures showed amplification for EGFR. Finally the expression profiles of the CK7, Napsin A, TTF-1 and P63 genes allowed in most cases to confirm the tumor phenotype of the samples.