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Children and TB pharmacokinetics: no longer in infancy?
Jumat, 17 Mar 2023 13:51:22

Justin T. Denholm

European Respiratory Journal 2023 61: 2202003; DOI: 10.1183/13993003.02003-2022


The comprehensive report from Gafar et al. [1] in this issue of the European Respiratory Journal provides the first systematic assessment of antituberculosis drug pharmacokinetics in children and adolescents to date. The authors have admirably collected and analysed the available information on this important topic, which also provides an opportunity for considering the gaps which still remain in our understanding and practice. While this approach to synthesis using an individual patient meta-analysis is an important contribution from this team, it is also reflective of the collective efforts of a significant number of smaller and carefully conducted studies over a 25-year period, each with groups willing to curate and share necessary data. This work, then, highlights a wider community of researchers, patients and families who have helped to build a platform on which better treatment can be developed and delivered.

Accumulating evidence on TB pharmacokinetics in children and adolescents will be useful for improving outcomes and individualising therapy in future


  • Conflict of interest: None declared.

  • Received October 16, 2022.
  • Accepted November 7, 2022.