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The Combination of Lung Cancer and Bauxite Pneumoconiosis on Resection of Lung
Jumat, 16 Nov 2018 15:57:29


Among the lesions of the respiratory system associated with exposure to aluminum, revealed aluminosis, developing under the influence of aluminum dust and bauxite pneumoconiosis, develops mainly in workers of bauxite mines.These are relatively rare pneumoconiosis.The relationship of lung cancer and bauxite pneumoconiosis poorly understood.

Objective: Identify associated cases of lung cancer and bauxite pneumoconiosis based on resection material.

Material and Methods: The study included 263 cases of lung cancer based on resection material.Classical methods used to assess lung resectate samples in the last 5 years.Identified occupational history specially.

Results: Occupational exposure occurred to dust in the 107 cases (40.7%),including aluminum in 10 cases (3.8%),2 of them had a clinical diagnosis of pneumoconiosis.Bauxite fibrosis was diagnosed in 6 cases.All patients were males.The median age was 59±7.1years.Smoking history noted in 5 cases,the median index of pack/years was 2.7.The occupation experience ranged from 19 to 38 years,an average was 30.7±6.7 years.Central lung cancer was diagnosed in 5 cases,massivetumor in 1 case;non-keratinizing squamous cell carcinomadetected in 5 cases,small cell cancer - 1 case.Histologically:interstitial fibrosis,dust deposits, «smoker's macrophages»,the anisotropic crystals of quartz and fine-grained sediments with glow on polarization microscopy.

Conclusion: These data suggest possible carcinogenic effects of inhaled dust in the professional environment containing bauxite, and require further research.