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Total Covid-19 Vaccine Recipients Exceeds 51 Million
Jumat, 01 Okt 2021 15:20:02

The Indonesian Covid-19 task force official records as of Thursday suggest that the recipients of complete vaccine doses in the country has grown by 700,367, adding to the grand total to 51,113,360 people. 

Meanwhile, 91,079,001 people have received their first doses, which is a growth of 1,256,014, Antaranews reported.

Moreover, the task force recorded 932,482 recipients of third-dose vaccine, or booster shots. The government has initially administered vaccine booster to 208,265,720 healthcare workers. 

Overall, the number of Covid-19 cases as of Thursday, was 4,215,104 with additional 1,690 new confirmed cases. The total recoveries has amounted to 4,037,024 people with a total death toll of 141,939.